Thursday, 13 June 2013

Skills List For Woodsrunner's in our Group.

The Station Camp By David Wright.

Woodsrunner’s Skills.
This is a list of basic skills in which I personally would expect an 18th century woodsman or woods-woman to have some experience with.
·         Flint & steel fire lighting
·         Wet weather fire lighting
·         Fire-bow fire lighting
·         Flintlock fire lighting
·         Flintlock use, service & repair
·         Field dressing & butchering game
·         Blade sharpening
·         Tomahawk throwing
·         Making rawhide
·         Brain tanning
·         Primitive shelter construction
·         How to stay warm in winter with only one blanket
·         Cordage manufacture
·         Moccasin construction and repair
·         Sewing
·         Axe and tomahawk helve making
·         Fishing
·         Hunting
·         Evasion
·         Tracking
·         Reading sign
·         Woods lore
·         Navigation
·         Primitive trap construction & trapping
·         Open fire cooking
·         Fireplace construction
·         Clothing manufacture
·         Drying meat & other foods
·         Knowledge of plant tinders & preparation
·         Knowledge of native foods & preparation
·         Knowledge of native plants in the area and their uses for other than tinder and food.
·         Scouting/Ranging.
·         Basic first aid.
·         Finding and treating water.
·         General leather work.


Gorges Smythe said...

The only one I'd question would be throwing axes and tomahawks. I'd generally want to hang onto mine, though the skill couldn't hurt.

Keith said...

Yes Gorges, a personal choice I guess, but the original Rangers in the 18th century apparently practiced it, & I think it is a good skill to have.

Unknown said...

Pardon the intrusion Keith, but as far as learning those skills, where would/should someone start? I've purchased your book and it should be shipping within a week. But there's a lot more to learn and I am certainly a novice.

Thanks for your time.


Unknown said...
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Keith said...

Hi Todd. I had to do a lot of research for these skills, & I started a long time ago. I have made some primitive skills DVDs, perhaps you could start with these:

Regards, Keith.
Contact me again if you need more info Todd.