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Equipment Requirements For Our Group's Trained Band.

Victuals Well Dressed By Pamela Patrick White.

Rules, regulations, & clothing & equipment requirements. 19-6-08/update 7-5-09

Rules and regulations guide.

(1)   Each train to have at least 2 archers (each archer to carry at least 1lb of gunpowder, & 1lb of lead on extended ranging expeditions).
(2)   When ranging, each column to have one archer accompanying the lead scout.
(3)   Each column to use: lead scout with archer, a rear guard, & at least one scout on each flank.
(4)   Each member to maintain a space before of at least 3 paces.
(5)   Lead scout to lead by at least 60 paces (Dependant on environment).
(6)   Rear guard to trail at 20 paces.
(7)   Flank scouts to keep column in sight at all times if possible.
(8)   Guards to be posted at all stops.
(9)   Packs are not to be removed at stops except for toilet.
(10)                       No person shall leave the column alone and must always remain in sight of the column.
Equipment for extended ranger duties in wilderness areas.

(1)   Cartridge box containing a minimum of 8 cartridges. (Fusils & muskets only).
(2)   Shot pouch & required contents.
(3)   Powder horn.
(4)   Functional firelock with hammer stall & lock cover.
(5)   Gunpowder wallet.
(6)   At least 4 lbs of gunpowder.
(7)   At least 4 lbs of lead in ball, buckshot & birdshot.
(8)   At least 12 flints.
(9)   A tomahawk/axe.
(10)                       A good hunting/butcher knife.
(11)                       A clasp knife.
(12)                       A knapsack, snapsack or rucksack.
(13)                       A haversack or market wallet.
(14)                       A good wool blanket.
(15)                       An oilcloth of suitable size to shelter one person.
(16)                       A water bottle, canteen or costrel to hold at least 1 quart (You may need to carry more than one, depending on the area you are travelling in).
(17)                       Sufficient tow or wads.
(18)                       Patch material ditto.
(19)                       Fishing kit with at least 6 hooks & 2 lines.
(20)                       Tinderbox, flint, steel & prepared tinder.
(21)                       Trade kettle or other.
(22)                       Leather inner-soles & repair leather for moccasins.
(23)                       Leather thong or cordage ties.
(24)                       Food bags.
(25)                       Sewing kit.
(26)                       Awl

(27)                       Soap & hair comb.
(28)                       Medical supplies.
Optional Equipment.
(1)   Short hunting sword.
(2)   Half-axe or felling axe
(3)   Auger

Clothing Requirements.

(1)   Felt hat.
(2)   Shirt ( plus spare wool shirt in bedroll).
(3)   Weskit (plus wool weskit ditto)
(4)   Monmouth cap ditto.
(5)   Wool mittens.
(6)   Half-blanket or capote.
(7)   Breeches or breechclout.
(8)   Neckcloth.
(9)   Stockings or socks (wool recommended for winter).
(10)                       Leather leggings with garters.
(11)                       Moccasins with extra sewn on sole plus a spare pair.
(12)                       Frock or other.

Trail Foods.
Each person to carry as much dried foods as possible. Recommended foods are:
·         Oats
·         Beans
·         Pease
·         Corn
·         Rice
·         Cornmeal
·         Flour
·         Meat (dried)
·         Sausage
·         Fruit
·         Hardtack
·         Bread
·         Biscuit
·         Hard cheese
·         Boiled beef


NOTE: Unless otherwise requested, we will carry 6 pounds of dried food, which should last approx 6 days (you may carry more if you wish, but remember; there must be some compromise between minimum weight & maximum self-reliance).

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