Friday, 24 May 2013

Voyage To Georgia. 1736-7. February. Final Page.

On the 23rd, Colonel Bull, one of his Majesty’s Council in Carolina, arrived here in his own Perriagua, with Letters from the Lieutenant-Governor, Council and Assembly of that Province for Mr. Oglethorpe.  I offered him the Ship’s great Cabbin, and all Provisions and Necessaries, but he refused it, having himself a Cabbin fitted up with all Conveniences aboard his own Perriagua; howsoever he did us the Favour to dine on board. 
            Nothing remarkable happened on board till Mr. Oglethorpe returned from the Southward, which was on the 25th in the Evening.  I had from one who went along with him, the following Account.
            The Scout-boat went along through Channels, between the Islands and the Main; these Channels are in some Places above a Mile; these Channels are in some Places above a Mile, and in others not above 200 Yards wide.  In many Places, the Woods of Pines, Evergreen-Oaks, and Cedar-Trees grow close to the Water-Side, which with the clear sea-green Colour and Stillness of the Channels, sheltered by the Woods, is very delightful to the Eye.  In other Places, on the Banks, are wide Marshes, so hard that Cattle feed upon them, though at some of the very highest Spring-tides they are just covered with Water.  We passed between the Island of Wilmington and the Main; upon the latter, we landed at one Mr. Lacy’s where 5 Gentlemen of 500 Acre Lotts have built their Houses together, that they might be the more easily fortified, which they are with Palisades well flanked with several Pieces of Cannon.  They with Masters and Servants make the Garrison, and in all Times of Apprehension do regular Duty; one of the Masters, with Proportion of Servants, mounting Guard each Night.  They have cleared above 100 Acres of Land round the Fort.  They have Milk, Cattle, Hogs, Garden-stuff, and Poultry in such Plenty, that they sent at different Times several Bushels of Eggs down toFrederica.  

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