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1748 Inventory .

1748 Inventory For Marie Catherine Baron's possessions.

Household Items:

14 napkins--20 livres

4 linen table cloths--20 livres

3 window curtains of brown linen--5 livres

2 chests and 1 valise, well bound and closed with a lock--40 livres

2 caskets closed with locks and covered with red copper--20 livres

3 calico window curtains--24 livres

1 bed furnished with a straw mattress, a pillow, a bolster, a calico bedspread, a feather bed, a green wool blanket--120 livres

1 cot--40 livres

1 large framed mirror--70 livres

1 old chest closed with a lock--5 livres

2 silver goblets--25 livres

2 crystal goblets--2 livres

1 armchair--12 livres

20 plates, 1 large dish, 1 small dish, 1 pot--85 livres

12 iron forks and dinner knives, 5 spoons, 1 little pewter basins--18 livres

6 crockery plates--3 livres

1 medium-sized frying pan, 1 grill, 1 fork to draw food from the pot--15 livres

2 medium-sized pans--20 livres

1 small cauldron--3 livres

1 old wardrobe--20 livres

1 frying pan--7 livres

1 small framed mirror--6 livres


1 capot*, jacket and breeches--60 livres

1 capot of cadiz and 1 black jacket--40 livres

2 jackets of cholet, 1 capot of limbourg--25 livres

1 capot of cadiz adorned with silver lace, 1 waistcoat of red camelot adorned with silver lace and with silver buttons--60 livres

1 purse and 1 hat of half beaver--20 livres

1 wool belt, 1 pair of gloves--4 livres

3 pairs of breeches, one of cotton, one of basin, one of cadiz--15 livres

4 shirts (chemises)--40 livres

2 shirts (chemises) of Beaufort linen--20 livres

1 dressing gown, 1 taffeta petticoat, 1 cotton dress, 1 calico dress--220 livres

1 pair of silver buckles--15 livres

2 old pairs of slippers--5 livres


1 hunting knife, 1 silver pistol--30 livres

1 bullet mold--20 livres

400 hundred pounds of lead--100 livres

4 oxen--400 livres

4 cows--300 livres

2 mares, 2 colts--220 livres

40 fowl (chickens), large and small--40 livres

1 family of slaves (a Negro, a Negress and 2 baby boys)--2,000 livres

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