Wednesday, 9 November 2011

April Morning.

I have searched for this video clip many times without finding it. My thanks to Flintlock and Tomahawk for posting this on his blog. Not a good image, but better than nothing. This is supposedly the first shot fired in the revolution at Lexington. But who fired that shot? It remains a mystery to this day.

More information here at: http://flintlockandtomahawk.blogspot.com/2011/11/lexington-scene-from-april-morning.html#comment-form


Jenny said...

ooooh.. should have seen this one first. That's excellently done!

... all it's missing is ol' Paul Revere dragging Hancock's trunk through the lines. :)

Regarding the shot -
The doctrinal answer in these parts is that of course it was the Brits, 'cause American marksmanship as demonstrated at North Bridge would have taken out at least one officer if it'd been an American (aim for the guys in the nice scarlet coats!). I don't know as I necessarily buy that, but I certainly don't discount it. Either way, by this point the war was unavoidable. The only question was where the spark was going to catch.

Le Loup said...

Yes, I would go for the chappy on the horse giving the orders.

Rev. Paul said...

I'd have been at half-cock & ready to draw down when the order to fix bayonets was given. Don't know that I'd have waited for an order to fire, neither.

And those crossed straps made such a nice target, too...

Le Loup said...

Ooo Reverent! Bite your toung!
True though. When you mentioned the cross straps I ammediately thought of Bradock's defeat. Standing out in the open in the woods! They did not stand a chance.