Friday, 30 September 2011

Gun Powder Allowances for each State. Australia.

The Amount of Gun powder you can store up to before you have to seek a special storage license form WorkSafe or some other Simular State Body

State / Terrory Amount Notes:

ACT 2 Kilos

NSW 10 Kilos but you have to have a storage distance of 10 meters between gun powder and percussion caps

NT 10 Kilos

S.Aust. 3 Kilos

Tas 5 Kilos

Vic 5 Kilos but you have to have a storage distance of 10 meters from a source of ignition but it does not apply to an ignition source needed to fire an explosive charge.

W. Aust. 4 Kilos but no more than 2 Kilos may be stored in any one container.
Courtesy of Jenny Baker at: https://sites.google.com/site/historicalreenactments/Resources/gun-powder-allowances-for-each-state


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Karl said...

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For those in QLD, here are the regulations...

30. The following persons are authorised to store propellant powders :
a. a person who holds a licence under the Weapons Act 1990 (maximum amount 15kg, or 30kg if powders are stored on a property larger than 2 hectares),
b. a person licensed to sell propellant powders (maximum amount 100kg),
c. a person holding a licence or permit to store propellant powders under the Explosives Act 1999 (maximum amount up to the limit on the licence or permit), and
d. a person licensed to manufacture propellant powders (maximum amount up to the limit on the licence).

31. A person authorised to store propellant powders must :
a. prevent access to the explosives by unauthorised persons (i.e. keep in a secured area),
b. store the explosives in a place that will minimise potential consequences of an incident involving the explosives,
c. display signs (eg “Explosives’, “Keep Fire Away”) indicating the hazard and warning that sources of ignition need to be excluded,
d. where the quantity exceeds 15kg, also display a classification sign, for the secured area, appropriate to the explosives stored (this will generally be the orange United Nations explosives classifications label, marked 1.3C for nitrocellulose based propellants, or 1.1D for blackpowder),
Note: When stored together, the classification label 1.1D should be used.
e. be accountable for the explosives stored, and
f. not store propellant powders beyond the manufacturer’s recommended shelf life (old propellants may become unstable and ignite spontaneously).

Source: http://mines.industry.qld.gov.au/assets/explosives-info-bulletins/infobul09.pdf



Le Loup said...

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