Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Australian Living History Traders.

Location: Australia

We specialize in historically accurate clothing and accessories.

Website: www.aandcsmalluxuries.com.au

Email: acsmlux@hotmail.com Corps Sutler

I Supply Roman, 17th century, Napoleonic and ACW clothing and equipment. Special items made to order.

Website: http://corpsutler.tripod.com/

Email: corpsutler@yahoo.com.au

Dark Ages Emporium

Location: Tasmania

We sell medieval reproduction goods such as weapons, armour & Jewellery (LARP gear too)

Website: darkagesemporium.com

Email: darkages_emporium@mac.com Dark Woods Forge

Location: Australia

Bladesmith and Jeweller

Website: http://www.darkwoodsforge.com/

Email: dark_woods_forge@yahoo.com.au

Dragons Realm

Location: Australia

All things medieval, mythological, magical, wicca, gothic and the macabre.

Website: http://www.dragonsrealm.com.au%20eco%20drums/

Location: Australia

We make drums from all eras, including turned medieval tabor style.

Website: http://www.ecodrums.com.au/

Errant Knight

Location: Queensland, Australia

Maker of Daggers, alloy warhammers & maces, bronze maces, C14th Pewter belts, jewellery & armour.


Email: errant_italian_knight@yahoo.com The Gilded Needle

Medieval & Fantasy

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Commissions for medieval & fantasy clothing. Sewing kits and medieval style dolls.

Email: susanne_dancer@yahoo.com.au

Historic Armouries

Supplying quality munitions armour to the re-enactor community.

Web Site: http://www.historicarmouries.com.au/

Contact: kane@historicarmouries.com.au To The Kings Wardrobe

Location: Brisbane

We design and create bespoke historical garments of high quality and accuracy. Working in natural fibres from leather to silk we specialise in the fashions of Western Europe between the 14th and 16th centuries.

Email: tothekingswardrobe@gmail.com

The Sutlers Store NSW Australia

Location: NSW, Australia

WWII, ACW, Napoleonic-specializing in French.

Website: http://www.thesutlersstore.com/

Email: sutler@harboursat.com.au

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