Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Rabbit Stick.

I know I have mentioned the rabbit stick before, but I did not show an image. I made this one quickly in the wood shed this morning. A rabbit stick is easy to make, and it is a hunting tool that does not stand out in an urban setting. There is no law that I know of restricting the carrying of a rabbit stick in forestry areas.
This one below I have made with a point on one end so it can also be used as a digging stick. It looks much like a dibber, and this one reaches from my elbow to the tips of my fingers on an open hand.
The rabbit stick is thrown sideways, and the idea is that it covers a larger area than a rock as it spins. For target practice a peg is set into the ground for a target. I once knocked a snake away from one of my sons with a stick when it rose up beside him. I was too far away to reach him in time, and had his younger brother in a pack frame on my back.

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