Thursday, 22 November 2007

New England Colonial Living History Group

This is the official site and forum for the New England Colonial Living History Group. Interests for forum include:17th-18th century living history and historical trekking, period living skills, primitive wilderness survival skills, period equipment, arms and clothing of the 17th to early 18th century woodsman and woods-women. Check this site for the information you seek. If it is not available, then please post your enquirie here on this blog.

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witsend said...

We are Connecticut transplants living the last 13 years in Northern Minnesota. Our family (of 14 children) have begun a Colonial Living History day in our small town. This is our fifth year. We are looking for demonstrators of colonial trades. They need not be VERY skilled, but must be willing to share their love of history and the trade with the public in a hands-on way. It is just our family (with the help of family and friends) that does this event...it's not a huge one (300 people last year, though if there wasn't a blizzard building, I suspect it would have been more!) Our pockets are not deep, though we are learning about raising money to help with this problem. Please contact us, if you can help in any way...even if you can't come! Just being able to pick someone's brain can be very helpful! Thank you...Herb and Susan Lattin colonialsugaronsnow@gmail.com or 218-226-4074 (our little store in town)