Saturday, 10 November 2007

The Courier.
The oµcial newƒletter of the New England Colonial Living Hi¥ory Group.

9th of November 1707
At our last meeting the fire lighting workshop had to be cancelled due to lack of attendance. Our next meeting will be on the 2nd of December, and this will be our xmas gathering. We may have a Barbeque outside, depends on the weather.

Cobb & Co are out of the gun trade, but a new one is available:
www.usedguns.com.au You might want to check this one out Tony. Last time I looked they had a Bluderbust !!! Oh drool.

Can new members and prospective new members please return membership forms and membership application forms ASAP. New members need to pay the $16 insurance fee to the Australasian Living History Federation. You can either do it through me, or you can send the money yourself, but remember to let them know which group you belong to if you send payment yourself.
Make sure the forms include your postal address, it helps me to be able to contact you by mail, such as sending you this newsletter rather than getting someone else to pass it on!

A reminder that this is a good time to be working on your period clothing and equipment needs. It does not have to be costly, if you use second hand materials. Check out the op-shops, Vinies and Salvoes, for linen & cotton tablecloths or good clean bedding. Leather garments & shoulder bags can supply leather needs. Look out for those cheap Chinese school-type knapsacks. They can be converted to period. Second hand butcher knives can be found at the market & in second hand dealers.
Mark, you may want to check out The Woodland Confederacy, woodland Indians on the net. Become a member & then you can post questions on their site & have some contact with other New World native decendance.
1WANTED. A ƒecond hand Brown Beƒs for one of our members. Early model preferred, but anything conƒidered.

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