Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Pretty Please, Sign This Petition.

If you have a reason for not signing this petition, I would be most grateful if you could explain your point of view. It would help me to understand the way others view these gun control laws.
Thank you.

Gun Control. Controlling People & making Money. Little to do with public safety.

Nothing to do with public safety? Let me prove it to you.
Anyone can purchase a flintlock, Wheelock or matchlock pistol, no licence is required & no permit to purchase or registration providing it was made before 1901 ad. However, the government says that you are not allowed to shoot or in their words “use” these pistols unless you join a pistol club & purchase an “H” class license. So you see, this has nothing to do with acquiring a gun, it is to do with being given lawful permission to “use” this gun. How many criminals do you know of that obey gun laws???!!!
So the only people disadvantaged by this law are the law abiding gun owners, NOT THE CRIMINALS!!! I have nothing against not requiring a license to purchase one of these primitive antique muzzle-loading guns; no criminal would ever use one of these guns, but why disadvantage law abiding citizens? Why can’t we “use” these guns? If the government wants us to pay for the privilege, then why not create a separate licence for these antique guns?
Another point which many people may not understand, ALL muzzle-loading pistols, antiques & those copies still made today all work in the same way, there is NO difference between a modern muzzle-loader & an antique muzzle-loader. So why does the government make a separate license for replicas when no license is required for an antique? Replica or antique, there is no difference, no criminal would ever use one of these guns because: They only have one shot, they are slow & difficult to load, they are unreliable, they are expensive to purchase, they are difficult to carry in a pocket, they create too much smoke when fired, & it is far easier to obtain a modern firearm & cut it down to size!!!

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