Monday, 17 October 2016

Early Waistcoats & Other Clothing. Some Thoughts.

Generally speaking, fashion wise, early period waistcoats were longer than later period waistcoats. But judging the period by clothing style is not always that easy. There was for instance a second hand clothing trade, so earlier clothing styles could be worn in a later period. Then there is the possibility that a person may purchase an item of clothing that doe not fit him or her properly and, there is always the matter of personal choice. A person in a later period may not be concerned with fashion, & may prefer a longer waistcoat.
But let us go back to this earlier period of longer waistcoats, the late 17th century and early 18th century. Take a look at the painting below By Artist Jean-Antoine Watteau 1720-21. Take note of the man standing to the far left outside of the shop & compare his waistcoat to those waistcoats inside the shop.

"The Shop Sign of Gersaint", (1720-21)[1] is a painting by Jean-Antoine Watteau.
Type  Oil on canvas
Dimensions         163 cm × 308 cm (64 in × 121 in)
Location     Charlottenburg Palace, Berli; 

Rag fair Rosemary Lane By Thomas Rowlandson late 18th century.
Paul Sandby, Old Clothes to Sell, 1759.

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