Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Converting A Drum & Nipple Percussion Firearm To Flintlock.

The process of converting a drum & nipple percussion lock firearm to flintlock is very simple. First you remove the percussion lock. Next you remove the barrel. Now you unscrew the drum & nipple from the barrel turning it anti-clockwise.
Next screw in the vent liner. You may have to drill a countersink for the shoulder of the vent liner to inlet into the barrel depending on the type of vent liner you use. You could screw a part of a bolt into the vent & pin punch it in place, then drill the touch hole. But do NOT pin punch the barrel, only the vent liner. But the bought vent liners are a better option. If you don't feel comfortable fitting the vent liner yourself, get a gunsmith to do it for you.

Now put the barrel back in the stock & secure. Now fit the flint lock in place on the stock. Job finished.
This is a CVA percussion rifle. The hammer is lowered onto the nipple.

This shows the barrel removed with the drum & nipple in place.

Drum & nipple unscrewed from barrel.

Drum & nipple unscrewed from barrel.

This is a vent liner, showing the inside on the left, & the outside on the right. This screws into the vent hole where the drum & nipple used to be.

This is a CVA flint lock. This will replace the CVA percussion lock.

This image shows the vent liner screwed in place & the flint lock attached. Job finished.

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Unknown said...

Excellent article Keith!! Flintlocks are the way to go.. One less ignition system relying on expensive caps and laws controlling them!! A good flintlock w/ clean touch hole and proper frizzen and hard flint is entirely as fast as percussion..Not dependent on iffy capps and the unavailability of such.. Regards Matt