Monday, 2 February 2015

My Leather Sword Scabbards.

Ben just emailed me asking about sword scabbards, so I thought to make my reply easier, I would post what images I have of my own creations. Ben asked if he could make one like a large knife sheath, well that is basically what I did for both of mine.
The leather for my basket hilt sword is quite heavy, and there were three layers to get through. So I found it easier to clamp the pieces together and use a drill in stead of an awl.

I did not have enough length of leather to make this scabbard in one piece, so I had to add a piece on the end.

At the hilt end of the scabbard I added an extra strengthening piece which you can also see in the image below.

After the main body of the scabbard was finished, I covered the whole in clothing weight leather.

The hanging straps are from some old horse tackle that I had laying around. I am not claiming that this is a copy of any original, it is simply the best I could come up with in my limited skills at scabbard making.

This is my hunting sword and scabbard, which was a little easier to make, because it is short and all one piece construction. I did use an awl on this one.

This is the leather scabbard frog I made up based on a Ranger frog used for a bayonet. I wanted an angle on the sword so it would not just hang down straight.

Original 18th century sword and frog.

The backs of two frogs.

More sword frogs.

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Gorges Smythe said...

Good job, and the drill is a great idea!