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Woodsmen. Historical Travel and Facts.

Washington's Crossing (Allegheny River) By John Buxton.

Then we had our Biscuit, which was laid in for the Voyage,
delivered to us, with 1 lb of Pork to each, and kindling large
fires we cooked our Provisions for next day and slept around
the Fires, each of us being provided with a blanket. We kept
along the southeast shore of Ontario Lake, and passed so near
to the English Fort called Conquen or Oswego that we could
talk to the Centinels.

Friday 28. — We travelled all the next day down the said
creek, and just at night found some tracks where Indians had
been hunting. We parted, and appointed a place a distance
off, where to meet, it being then dark. We encamped, and
thought ourselves safe enough to sleep.

Saturday 29. — We set out early, got to Alleghany, made a
raft, and with much difficulty got over to an island, alittle above
Shannopin's town. The Major having fallen in from off the
raft, and my fingers frost-bitten, and the sun down, and very
cold, we contented ourselves to encamp upon that island. It
was deep water between us and the shore ; but the cold did
us some service, for in the morning it was frozen hard enough
for us to pass over on the ice.

From Saturday 21 to Tuesday, Jan'^ 7. — We stayed at this
Place, We had a good Deal of Snow & bad Weather — My
Son had the Misfortune to have his Feet frost-bitten, which
kept Us much longer here than We intended however We
kill'd Plenty of Deer Turkeys &c and fared very well — The
Land hereabouts very good but to the W and SW it is hilly.


Wednesday Jan'>' 8 — My Son's Feet being somewhat
better, We set out S 30 W 5 M, S 45 W 3 M, the Land
middling good but hilly — I found my Son's Feet too tender
to travel, and we were obliged to stop again.

From Thursday 9 to Sunday 19. — We stayed at this Place
— While We were here We killed Plenty of Bear Deer &
Elk, so that We lived very well.

Monday 20. — We set out W j M — here we were stopped
by Snow.
Tuesday 21. — Stayed all the Day in the Camp.
Wednesday 22. — Set out S 45 W 12 M, where we scared
a Panther from under a Rock where there was Room enough
for Us, in it We encamped & had good Shelter.

We went then a south west course by Land eighty
five miles, where we came to a small river and there we made
a little Boat which carried only two men and our provisions.
The rest travelled by land for two days and then we came to
a large river, where we enlarged our Barge so as she carried
all our Company, and whatever loading we had to put into

, being in a strange place ;
far from home, destitute of friends, clothing money and arms,
and in that deplorable condition had been obliged to under-
take a journey of five hundred miles, but -a gentleman who
was commander of a Privateer and now lay at Charlestown
with whom we had discoursed several times gave to each of
us a gun and a sword and would have given us ammunition
but that he had but little. On the eighteenth day of April
we left Charlestown the second time and travelled by land,
and on the seventeenth day of May 1745 we arrived at my
house, having been absent three years two months and one
day from my family, having in that time by the nicest calculation I am able to make, travelled by Land and water four
thousand six hundred and six miles, since I left my own
House till I returned Home again.

The Journal of Christopher Gist, 1750-1751

August 27th. – Set off again in the morning early; rainy weather. We dined in a Seneca Town, where an old Seneca woman reigns with great authority. We dined at her house, and they all used us very well at this and the last mentioned Delaware Town. They received us by firing a great many guns, especially at this place. We saluted the town by firing off four pairs of pistols.
The journal of Conrad Weiser, Esq., Indian Interpreter: 1748.

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