Friday, 19 July 2013

More on Trade Goods.

The first Indian deed of record was a purchase
of lands in Bucks County, made by Deputy Governor Markham
for William Penn, dated the 15th day of July, 1682. The native
grantors were fourteen Delaware chiefs or "sachemakers," bear-
ing the following names: Idauahon, leanottowe, Idquoquequon,
Sahoppe for himself and Okonikon, Merkekowon, Orecton for
Nannacussey, Shaurwawghon, Swanpisse, Nahoosey, Tomak-
hickon, Westkekitt and Tohawsis.

Markham paid the Indians for this purchase: 350 fathoms of
wampum, 20 fathoms of "stroudwaters," 20 white blankets, 20
guns, 20 coats, 40 shirts, 40 pairs of stockings, 40 hose, 40 axes, 2
barrels of powder, 60 fathoms of "dufihelds," 20 kettles, 200 bars
of lead, 200 knives, 200 small glasses, 12 pairs of shoes, 40 copper
boxes, 40 tobacco tongs, 2 small barrels of pipes; 40 pairs of scis-
sors, 40 combs, 20 pounds of red lead, 100 awls, two handfuls of
fish hooks, two handfuls of needles, 40 pounds of shot, 10 bundles
of beads, 10 small saws, 12 drawing knives, 2 ankers of tobacco,
2 ankers of rum, 2 ankers of cider, 2 ankers of beer, and 300
guilders in money, — a formidable list, indeed, and all very accept-

able to the Indians.

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