Tuesday, 19 February 2013

More on Punk Wood.

I am getting a lot of requests of late to explain in detail what punk wood is and what it looks like and feels like.
Punk Wood from all species of trees should work fine as a tinder once charred. Punk Wood is usually of a whitish colouring but it can also be other colours. Punk Wood in trees is Dry Rot and is caused by Serpula lacrymans, which is a wood-destroying fungus. Punk Wood that is completely formed, is light in weight, soft to the touch, and spongy. That is it can be squeezed a little between your fingers.

My wife found this large piece of Punk Wood in the base of a fallen willow tree.

You can spot the white Punk Wood from a distance, this Punk Wood is in the base of a Mountain Gum.

Here is a closer look at the Mountain Gum Punk Wood.

At the back of this tinderbox you can see charred Bracket Fungus. At the front is charred pieces of Punk Wood.

This shows the other side of some Punk Wood pieces that are not charred all over. You only need to char one side in the fire, then smother it in your tinderbox.


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