Friday, 23 December 2011

Another Look at the .32 Flintlock Mountain Rifle.

Another look at the .32 Flintlock Mountain Rifle.

My little .32 flintlock Mountain Rifle takes about 14 grains of 3FG gunpowder with a round patched ball to hunt small game. The barrel is heavy & strong so I can use a heavier load if I wish. Using just 14 grains of gunpowder, & being such a small calibre, powder & lead lasts a very long time in the woods.

If I want more hitting power, I can use Minnie slugs instead of round ball, these are much heavier.  Using minnies with an increased powder charge would allow me to hunt larger game providing I can shoot accurately. Again, the lead is easily retrievable from game, & can be remoulded.

This little rifle will suit adults & youths alike, in fact my three boys learnt to shoot with this rifle at about the age of 8 or 9 years.

I well remember the story of a poacher in Africa using one of these .32 flintlock rifles to hunt elephants. He used to shoot them in the brain through the eye. Not a nice thought maybe, but it does demonstrate what can be done with these small calibre muzzleloaders should the need arise. 

This rifle has double set triggers for more accuracy.


Gorges Smythe said...

Like the modern .22, the .32 muzzleloader is a good all-around gun for anyone NOT hunting dangerous game. Hope you have a nice Christmas and New Years, Le Loup!

Le Loup said...

Thanks Gorges, Ditto.