Monday, 22 August 2011

Dave's ACT. Fishing For Dingoes!

Dave's ACT


Dave Reid said...

Once again thank you for the link Keith. Dingos around here were hunted, trapped and poisoned all through the colonial period and that really didn't hold them at bay.

The end of the free labour convict shepherds era in the 1860's really upset keeping sheep safe. Some of these local propertys were running 40,000 sheep.

We have spoken about this before that I believe there isn't enough dingo left in the gene pool to warrant the devastation they cause to the native fauna. They are pretty much feral domestic dogs around here now.

I reckon they are a worry and it affects me because there are some wild places around here I wouldn't camp today because of dogs. (unless I had a gun, which you are not allowed in a National Park or State Forest.

I had a terrifying hour one night whilst I was literally stalked. Anyway the Gov 1080 Ariel baits for foxes and dogs and that knocks them around for periods.

Too many pig hunters lose dogs in the NSW forests west of here. The dogs know no borders in the Brindabellas. The gene pool of the packs is now frightening I reckon.

I know these now very large feral dogs are surviving (of course) on marsupials because the undigested fur remains in their droppings which are numerous at times. More concernedly is they are seen on tracks that people, albeit rarely, trek.

Anyway Keith sorry for rambling but I'm sure some of your readers would like to come and hone up on their tracking (and if I had my way) hunting skills. Cheers

Le Loup said...

You are most welcome Dave, & thanks for the extra info. I was followed closely by two Dingoes in the Territory many years ago, they would only have been about 5 paces behind me. Aventually they wandered off. But I have been attacked by ferral dogs on more than one occasion. Personally I do not think it is fair that a person cannot carry a gun into national parks for the purpose of survival, they do not have the moral right. They are putting a person in danger by doing so.
Who are the first ones to cry out that a person was not properly prepared & because of that they wasted tax payer's money having to rescue them. I wonder if one is legally able to carry a knife in a national park in NSW?!

Dave Reid said...

Dogs wouldn't worry me Keith if I was armed but I also like not every Tom, Dick or Harry having a weapon while I am out there. I see no reason though why responsible permitted shooters could not be allowed in for target species. As for knives it would be ridiculous not to at least take a clasp knife with you into the bush don't you reckon? Law or no law.