Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Ice Man.

My thanks to Karl at http://ranger-pathfinder-notes.blogspot.com/ for setting me on the trail of these videos.

One of my great interests is in primitive skills & equipment, & the ice man find is of great importance to me. Although I prefere to carry 18th century equipment, I also practice & teach primitive skills. My 18th century equipment is a luxury compared to what the ice man carried, but the same skills & knowledge of how to make primitive tools are nesassary for long term wilderness living.


Fimbulmyrk said...

You are absolutely right!!! Crossing the Alps on foot is arduous enough with modern equipment. If you then take to notice, as a Tyrolean doctor said, whom I met at the museum, that a modern-day individual with the skeletal degenerational afflictions this guy suffered would need a wheelchair, one cannot help but be absolutely astonished about the achievement.

Absolutely great post, thanks a lot!

John B. Todd said...

The story of Otzi is fascinating! Has anyone recreated his fire kit? Was the fungus on him for medicine of for tinder? How did he create a spark?

Le Loup said...

Fimbulmyrk. Glad you liked it, and thank you for the feedback, appreciated.

Le Loup said...

John, I too have these same questions. So far it seems no one has delved very deep into his fire kit.
The charcoal he carried in green leaves may have been smouldering when he left, this may have been one of the methods used for making fire.
On the other hand perhaps this was not ordinary charred wood, what it it were charred punk wood, tinder?
They say he had all he needed for making fire, but I have not read what that was! Perhaps these scientists do not know much about primitive fire lighting?! Who knows.
Was he carrying pyrite? He was apparently carrying flint. I will see if I can find more John.
Regards, Keith.

Bob Mc said...

I picked this up from another blog recently. Fascinating!

Le Loup said...

Totally agree Bob, fascinating stuff.