Friday, 1 May 2009

17th & 18th century underclothing for winter. An update on the under-waistcoat research.

17th and 18th century winter clothing for the common people.
Despite my earlier post on under-waistcoats, and undershirts, further research has found nothing to confirm that there ever was a specific undergarment. However, for those who are looking for more items of clothing to wear for winter, there is good news!
Although there is no proof of specific undergarments such as the under-waistcoat, an extra normal waistcoat can be worn under the normal shirt, or under another waistcoat. The same applies to an extra shirt, which can also be worn under another shirt. There is even documentation of two coats being worn at the same time.
Primary information for the above can be found at the following links: http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/catalogue/adsdata/PSAS_2002/pdf/vol_055/55_213_221.pdf


The Clerk said...

As one who lives in the often -40 to -50 deg. F. in our northern US/Canada winter events, multiple layers is and has always been a great idea and regularly practiced now and then. :-)

The Clerk

Miss Jenny said...

I once had the honour of Guarding Napoleons underwear at an exhibition of the The Chalençon Napoleon Collection
His drawers where like the 1850’s pantaloons worn by women and were open at the crutch
There was no over lap at the front – so his splendors must have been viewable

A picture of them can be seen at http://www.parlerparis.com/issues/pparis17-8-05.html

Keith said...

Well of course this was his underwear, so he would have been wearing breeches over the top. This would of course been at least late 18thc. to early 19th century.Interesting though, and thanks for the comment & information Miss Jenny.
Regards, Keith.