Saturday, 7 April 2007

Hi my name is Keith & I am 59 years of age. This is my first attempt at witting a BLOG! As. you can tell from this blog's name I am a Living Historian, 1 am also an experimental archaeologist & I participate in 18th century historical trekking. I am a founder member: of “THE NEW ENGL.AND COLONIAL LIVING HISTORY GROUP” here in Armidale NSW, & we are looking for more people to join our group. Our activities include the leaning & practice of 18th century living skills & wilderness survival skills .For those who would like to learn the skills but are not able to participate in historical trekking & camps, we have a. clubhouse where you can learn most skills from spinning & weaving, to flint & steel fire lighting, but to learn & practice the more advanced primitive skills you really need to get out into the woods. Even so you can learn & practice such skills as bow-drill fire lighting & tomahawk throwing etc nearby our clubhouse
The biggest problem we having finding new membership is explaining what our group is & what it is we do. Terms like colonial skills or primitive skills mean different things to different people. I could say that we emulate or re-enact a New World colonial lifestyle or even a “Daniel Boone Life style " but even these terms do not guarantee, that someone out there who might really enjoy doing this stuff will understand what I am talking about. So if there is anyone out there who thinks it might be fun to join our group but wants more information, just drop me a line.
Apart from our normal activities we have an old fort that is badly in need of repair &I have a cabin to build out in the forest somewhere.
If anyone is into learning long-term wilderness survival skills, practicing 18th century historical trekking is the way to go. With the skills, clothing & equipment we have & use you can survive in the wilderness indefinitely. I have a saying, that when packing for the trail, it must be a compromise between minimum weight & maximum self-reliance. We don't carry a lot of equipment; the more skills one learns the less equipment one needs. Through experimental archaeology, wearing the period clothing & using the period style equipment to perform primitive skills, we gain a better understanding of what it was like to live &: survive on the new World frontier during the early to mid 18th century.
We would also like to form a 'Train Band' or militia. Anyone who thinks they could handle the job of Captain should contact me. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn. Same goes for other militia members.
Our main period of interest is 1720-1760, but, we can go earlier & later to suit individuals. If there are any other groups out there that share our period of interest, (or individuals) it would be good to hear from you. Perhaps we could share research information & activities ideas.
Does anyone know of any good web sites with information on 17th - 18th century common items such as tin containers & belt buckles?

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